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Friday, October 13, 2017

Runs for doughnuts

The Labor Day - Doughnut Dash 5K - September 4, 2017

My buddy Joshua and I decided to do a 5K together.  What better type of fitness run than one involving doughnuts? (or is it 'donut' ?)  I had a great time joking with him about our competition.  Joshua was picking out the guys just as big as me and egging me on to beat them.  It worked.  During the race, I took personal pleasure in passing these guys in my same physical shape (round is a shape, right?).

I'm still impressed with the times that Joshua is laying down.  He's got some fierce competition in this age group (his age group was in the top 5 of the entire race) but he still laid down an impressive M/M pace time.  

I was also proud of myself.  My practice runs have been 14MM and I finished the race at an impressive (for me) 11'53.  I typically slow down with each mile and I gained in each mile for this race.  

To top it all off, the end of the race had a serious hill (upper right) that I concurred.  All of this added up to the most pleasurable race experience in recent memory. I'm a big guy, and I take pride in my ability to move this mass along a race course towards a weight-loss goal and other personal achievements.

More race day photos:

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