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Monday, October 30, 2017

Fall Back - Autumn's Lament - Part 1

September/ October Update

[Part 1]

Back in August, I prepared myself for the possibility of gaining weight after vacation.  Thankfully, I prepared, vacationed with some restraint and finished off the month with some weight-loss.  Some of the success was due to the 5K Donut Dash goal.  Having a race coming up definitely helped me stay on track.

I plateaued in September and ended October with an upward trend. Since I'm now on the lookout for these negative cycles, I'm able to see what causes them and then respond.  Here's my observation this go around.

First, there was hurricane Irma. For a week in September, we hosted some good friends from south Florida who evacuated from the storm.  We had a total of 10 adults, 4 dogs, 4 cats and a partridge in a pear tree. I got some runs in but both my eating and exercise schedule got off track.

Tragically, I lost my aunt Donna (my Mom's sister) and I was asked to conduct the funeral in Florida.  While we tried to get some exercise in, the activities related to the funeral consumed much of my time; including a late night/early morning stretch.  Add to this visits with family in restaurants, coffee shops, and Dunkin Donuts, there was little hope for staying on track. I'm not being harsh on myself but recognizing that this type of thing does contribute to getting out of routine. 

Next, about a week later, Mom and Dad visited for their annual Autumn visit to Georgia.  We celebrated their time with visits to the apple orchard for apple picking, the fair and a late birthday celebration for me.  Along with all of that came a ton of delicious cooking, and less exercise.  Mom taught Alexis how to cook our traditional family pierogies, Mom made my traditional birthday lasagna and apple deserts were aplenty.  I denied myself nothing and thoroughly enjoy it! 

Finally, I started a part-time job with Pizza Hut.  Pizza, chicken wings and breadsticks.  Need I say more?

[continues to part 2]

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