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Monday, August 14, 2017

Facing the giant

I have repeated a consistent trend over the last four years that involves losing a copious amount of weight and then regaining it back.  There's something that happens after vacation in August that gets me back into old habits.  Last year is no exception.  This year, I am determined to lean on my staff, gather smooth stones and a slick sling and face this giant.

Saturday, August 5, 2017

Old Soldiers Day 8K - 2017

TMinus110 is not only about my personal journey but also includes those in my family improving themselves in a similar fashion.  I'm fortunate to have a family that embraces together these activities. With that said, I'm thoroughly impressed with Debra and Joshua taking on the 39th Annual Old Soldiers Day 8K in such short time to our return to running. 

It warms my heart to see mother and son together enjoying an activity like this.  I'm not used to being on the side lines but I also enjoyed sharing this moment with Gabrielle in support of Joshua and Debra.  

Being a runner myself, I shared an empathetic amount of support for Joshua and Debra as I cheered them on at the half way point.  I could see the effort on their faces.  One particular spectator benefited included the race course looping around a block twice, so I got to support them at the start and halfway point of the race; and then again at the finish line. 

I am so proud of these 8K finishers! This is Debra first race in over a year and Joshua's first 8K.

Joshua pulled a third place age group finish which was a pleasant surprise.  I'm continually impressed with Joshua's athletism.  This past summer for a couple of months he played as a catcher in All-stars Baseball.  Given this context, to see him getting a podium or even completing an 8K is most impressive... for a catcher.

Way to go Joshua and Debra!

Race results...

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

[Weeks 11 - 13] Pressure relief valve

While weight-loss is a major focus of my exercise and diet, the primary goal is to improve my vitals.  Of all of my achievements this month, my blood pressure numbers are the most surprising. I have consistently stayed in the "safe zone" for the past couple of weeks.  My joy is off the charts. My resting heart rate is also impressive.  It's a good feeling that I will need to book a visit to my cardiologist to have my blood pressure meds adjusted once again (66 is getting low).

Stats for the Month of July:
Another successful month.  My running mileage is up for the second month in a row,  my weight is down another 11 lbs, and I feel great about my progress.  One last 3-week push before our annual Sanibel vacation. 
  • Current weight: 281 lbs
  • 1-Month weight-loss: -11 lbs
  • Total weight-loss to date: 30 lbs 
  • Total Miles: 76