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Monday, May 29, 2017

[Week 4] Peanut butter mocha...

I ordered my favorite cup of joe (throwing the calorie count to the wind), sat back in the easy chair and settled into a feel good moment about the month that I have had.  I've been solid in most endeavors and met a reasonable pace with my fitness and dietary goals

Stats for the Month of May:
Overall, this was a successful month.  My walking mileage is back up, my weight is down by 10 lbs, and I'm feeling healthy in my core.  
  • Current weight: 302 lbs
  • 1-Month weight-loss: -10 lbs
  • Total weight-loss to date: 10 lbs 
  • Total Miles: 38

Monday, May 22, 2017

[Week 3] The Synergy of flight...

Four weeks ago, I set off on a flight with the goal of losing 10 lbs. before my trip to Orlando for the trade-show.  I hit some turbulence but met the weight requirement without additional carry-on.

The last three weeks included some daily walks of 3 to 4 miles while completing 30+ before my trip.  This improved fitness became a benefit as I ended up walking each day 1.5 miles one way to the convention center and then had a bunch of walking at the trade-show during the day.  To cap it off, we went to Islands of Adventure and had a bunch of walking there.  It was nice to walk with my colleagues without losing breath.  I think I did fairly well for a hot week in Orlando.

Current Weight: 302 lbs.

Monday, May 8, 2017

[Week 1 & 2] One month goal... Orlando!

So, here's the thing,  I have a trade show to attend in Orlando on May 22nd.  I have set a one month goal to lose 10 lbs. by this date.  I know when I get this big, the seats on the plane are hard to settle into and I require an extension for the belts.  Ten less pounds would not only help for this inconvenience but I think improved fitness would also help for the event.

Current weight: 312 lbs

Monday, May 1, 2017

[Week 0] This familiar place... again

In my adult life, I have been to this place on several occasions. It's a routine, a cycle, a point of return.  And while I make the same promises to myself, I have often returned to this place for one reason or another.  In 2016, the reason was vacation.  Don't get me wrong, we managed to exercise every day but the net result was still a 10 lbs. gain and the start of the uphill climb to Mount Corpulence.

Well, I've set out new goals and new opportunities to succeed.  The scale at this moment states 312 lbs.