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Sunday, July 3, 2016

[Week 25] Stuck in a rut

Plateaus often imply that one has achieved a certain level before flattening out.  The rut is a place that one slips into and finds it hard to break free.  I've hit a low on fitness, nutrition and motivation.  It's now clear that I am past the point where I'm going to hit my vacation goal of 250 lbs., and the first goal missed for 2016.  There's something familiar about this place. My hardest grind right now is running.  I've got a 10K on July 4th and behind in my running routine, and the extra weight is making running quite the labor.  On a positive note, I'm still fit enough to enjoy various activities like Geocaching, assisting in the home moving of friends and other physical activities with family which I had previously found difficult at 317 lbs.

Stats for the Month of June:
  • Current weight: 276 lbs
  • 1-Month weight-loss: -6 lbs
  • Total weight-loss to date: 43 lbs 
  • Continuous run: It's hard to say -- we're doing 4-mile runs during the week and 5 to 6 on the weekend but we're not consistent enough to demonstrate achievement.
  • Total Miles: 57 (down again for this month and the lowest amount so far -- it's clear that this number will have to go up to meet the fitness goals of longer miles.)

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