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Friday, April 15, 2016

[Week 13] Where dreams come true

What happens when you put fitness on a collision course with fairy-dust?  Mayhem... complete mayhem! Would you believe that Debra and I got up each morning over the course of 4 days at Disney and kept our schedule of running a 5K before heading out to the Disney parks?  Not only did we do this but we also chose other fitness alternatives such as walking from the parking lots to the Disney parks.  The net result is that we didn't gain as weight much as I expected.  I only managed 2 lbs. of weight gain for the entire week; which is saying a lot given all of the indulgences we partook during this vacation.  The Flower and Garden Festival at EPCOT was a complete joy!

On the first day we ran between the "All-star" hotels...

On the following days, we settled on this nice RunDisney side walk track in front of the hotels.  Up and back was our 5K distance and didn't involve a lot of crazy last minute turns. 

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