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Monday, February 29, 2016

[Week 7] No Excuses

"The world meets nobody halfway.  When you want something, you gotta take it."
- Lincoln Hawk (Sylvester Stalone) - Over the Top

I'm not sure why but I embrace Sylvester Stalone movies when I get heavy into fitness.  Queue up Rocky, Over the Top, Rambo, you name it.  I know when I've hit the height of my motivation when I have a running day and a storm is ripping through our area and I think to myself, "a little rain never hurt anyone."  Despite the formidable cloud formation's approach, Debra and I hit the greenway for a "quick" 5K run.  About half way into the run, the storm dumped gallons of fresh water on our fitness endeavors and the wind pushed us back like a bouncer at a club. Never-the-less we finished our run, met the challenge and felt good about our accomplishments; even if a little soaked.  

  • Weight: 292 lbs -- back on track -- 4 lbs of loss this week - woohoo!!!
  • Weight Loss: 24 lbs
  • Accomplishment: Despite the storms that ripped through the south, we managed to lay down 22 miles for the week.  During my long run Saturday, my first-mile pace quickened to 13:36!  Debra is even quicker!  

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