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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Zulu 5K - Race Recap...

At the last minute, I decided to do another 5K race as a training run.  I found a race in Dunwoody, GA that had race morning registration.  Gabrielle decided to do this race with me and Alexis decided to sit this one out (a decision she later regretted after seeing the awards results). Zulu ( http://zuluracing.com/ ) is a race organization that provides timing services and other race organization functions.  They are a Christian faith based organization and this particular race was hosted by the Christian runners organization ( http://www.christianrunners.org/ ).

The goodie bag had some nice gifts including this soft hand towel.  I found it quite helpful in wiping sweat during the run (later I would enjoy this towel on many a practice run).

Gabrielle and I bib'ed up, took a candid and then lined up for the race.

I smashed this course with a PR and an official time of 34'15. I also had a personal best mile at 9'24. I'm proud of Gabrielle who joined me on the this race and was my pacer. She came in a little ahead of me at the finish, despite having ankle pains. Debra, Alexis and Joshua were our sideline fans. I can't tell you how much joy it gives me to share these moments with my daughters, and in this particular race, I got to share this moment with Gabrielle.

These training races are becoming a valuable learning opportunity for the marathon.  In particular, I learned the hard lesson of letting the race adrenaline and the other racer paces getting me off too fast.  I got off real fast and found that I was wiped out at mile one.  You'll notice in the course summary above that my average heart rate was 165bpm.  This is the max of my running.  I'm comfortable at 145 BPM and pushing myself at 150 so to be averaging at 165 was way too much.  I have learned that I need to run my own race and pay attention to my pace at the start to ensure that I'm not getting off too fast and that I'm at a comfortable pace.  Something my watch and heart monitor help out with.

One other note, I took the opportunity to try the Galloway run/walk.  I was pleasantly surprised to see that I kept a good pace and even hit a PR.  I may try this throughout my training to see how things go.

As Alexis has become accustomed to doing, she made a quick recap video: Zulu 5K on YouTube .


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