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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

[Week 7: Journey to WDW Marathon] New friends and bucklist item 8 completed...

This week was marked by a couple of fun runs on the Disney property that I organized in Orlando through a FaceBook Group that I started for the Space Coast Marathon.  We met some great people and had a blast with the runs on Disney property.  One can read the summary at: http://www.runspacecoast.com/2013/08/orlando-meet-up-and-run-august-14-15.html  As for the WDW Marathon training itself, this was the "easy" week mark by three mile runs.  I think scheduling the fun runs with Run Space Coast, made it easier to stay on track during vacation.  The greatest thing about running is that I can take it anywhere I go.

This is how the week turned out mileage-wise.  The two runs in the middle of the week were the "meet-up and runs" and Sunday, August 18th was my first Sanibel Island beach run.  The run is so beautiful along the ocean and the light-house is an encouraging goal.  I was running late for church, so I pushed the run up to four miles even though I was only set to do three.

I told you last week about my foot injury.  Well, this is what my foot looked like after running the two "meet-up and run" days at Disney.  I have a high tolerance for pain and sometimes I think this is to my detriment.

How cool is this?!  Back in December when I first started my Tminus110 journey, I created a bucket-list of things I wanted to do when I lost weight.  You'll notice that Skim-boarding is item #8.  Well, as of this week, I officially checked this off of my list.  When I have time, I'll do a quick blog post of the reasons why this particular bucket item is significant for me.  Please enjoy this little video that Alexis and Madisynne put together:


 -- thanks Rob for loaning the GoPro to us!

Please tell me if you have a bucket item I should try.

Vacation continues this coming week in Sanibel Island, Florida.  I look forward to what next week's post might bring.

Best regards,

~Jason Furtak~

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