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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

[Week 6: Journey to WDW Marathon] Jogging the gateway drug...

"Hi, my name is Jason Furtak and I'm a runner..." I've been sedentary free for 8 months... My path towards the hardcore distances and other fitness activities came by way of an innocent use of a Couch-to-5K program.  I promise, I only did the recommended days and did not hide any jogging activity.  I also ran out in the open where people could witness my activity. It all seemed so innocent but before I knew it, I was calling 3.5 miles my "easy day" and my Saturdays got longer and the more I ran, the more I found myself wanting further distances. Before I knew it, I was 82 lbs. down in weight, completed my first  half marathon distane and signed up for a couple of half marathon road races and a my first full marathon in Disney.  By way of example of this addiction, this past Wednesday, Alexis and I woke up early (6:00 a.m.) to run only to find our local greenway closed due to flooding.  We put in an hour in the gym on the bike instead and when the weather cleared in the evening, this addiction pulled me out to our "standard" hill run.  Alexis looked at me crazy (she's not a fan of the hill run) but she understood my need... my need for speed... On Saturday, we put in 8 miles.  I'm a bit bummed because I managed to injure the tendons in my right foot.  These injuries drive me crazy.  During the run on Saturday and the walk that followed, my foot felt fine.  It even felt fine throughout the day but in the morning, I had this intense pain.  I'm afraid my "new" New Balance shoes are not good for my feet.  I had other pains during the week and was hoping things would work out but this latest injury has proven that these shoes are no good.  I'm really close to going to get fitted for some shoes but I just can't take myself to spend as much as $100 or more for shoes. I know that I'm supposed to be taking time off to allow the foot to heal but I'm hoping that my foot goes the way of my other injuries and I'm going to keep running despite contemporary wisdom.  It's a combination of the before mentioned addiction and my worry that I'm going to loose my present fitness level.  In the past, I have just slowed things down and eased my stride and the pains have eventually gone away.  Let's hope this goes the same way (I have my doubts).

Next week, I'm meeting up with some folks in Orlando for a fun run before my vacation in Sanibel Island, Florida the following week.



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