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Monday, August 5, 2013

[Week 5: Journey to WDW Marathon] Easy training week ends with a 10K road race...

This week, being week 5 of the Walt Disney World Marathon training, was designed to be an easy week.  My legs are feeling great and my recovery from the half marathon distance was easy going.  Actually a lot easier than I expected.  The week itself was fairly typical with 5K distances Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.  Debra came to us on Friday and encouraged us to race the "Old Soldier's Day 5K/10K Road Race".  We performed it for our Saturday run.  Even though it was supposed to be an easy 4 mile run, we went ahead and did the 10K distance for the race.  I'm really enjoying 10K runs and this was a nice little race. [ Race recap ] My shoes have finally hit their limits.  I'm a bit frustrated with this because contemporary running wisdom says that you should be able to get around 400 miles on a pair of shoes and I barely got 100.  I went and bought two new pairs of shoes.  The first pair is my current Saucony Cohesion 6 and the second pair is a New Balance shoe that I have never worn before.  I'm hoping having two pairs of shoes will reduce the replacement window and it gives me an opportunity to try a different shoe with the New Balance.

This is how the mileage shook out.  Long run of 8 miles planned for week 6.

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