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Thursday, August 1, 2013

[Tminus110 - Month 8 Update] What the scale can't measure...

The theme for weight-loss this month is plateau. My present weight: 234 lbs. for an even 80 lbs. weight-loss total in 8 months.  I promised myself last month that I would not fixate on the negative aspects of this journey I'm on. If I'm honest, however, I am disappointed by the fact that I didn't meet my 10 pounds a month goal (minus 5 this month), and spent most of the weeks hovering on the same weight. The main problem with scale based metrics is that it does not accurately reflect those things that aren't measured by the scale. The scale in its cold unbiased measures takes no pride in my daughter and I achieving our first ever half marathon distance; at a 2:35 no less. Not only did we achieve this distance but within two days, I was recovered and back on the trail running again. The scale could careless that I fit comfortably into a single X-large shirt that I bought on vacation two years ago for the first time (previously I was in a 4X). Where's the scale when countless people at work pay me a compliment? Like my mother (thank you mom for the compliment), did the scale respond in FaceBook with a simple "like" or "comment" when I proudly posted those pictures of my beautiful daughters and I before our hill run? I invited the scale to the gym to show him how much my weight training has progressed (as much as 20% with some exercises) and it just sat on the tile in my bathroom as if it didn't hear my request (I was shouting at it, so I know it heard). I have more energy for things like baseball practice with my son, activities with my daughters and love for my wife; so take that scale! Perhaps I got myself back into this corner. I created a site and based it on the measures of the scale. My whole premise of Tminus110 is weight-loss and perhaps I need to rethink this strategy. From this point forward, Tminus110 will represent the holistic achievements of my journey. Weight-loss is still a vital component, and I still have body fat to loose, but I will celebrate whatever the measure and accomplishments I make.


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