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Monday, July 29, 2013

[Week 4: Journey to WDW Marathon] A shout out to Citrix Systems...

In week 4, before I start with my summary, I felt it important to highlight a vital aspect of my Walt Disney World (WDW) Marathon training, which is the financial support that I get from my employer Citrix Systems, Inc.  "Citrix is the cloud company that enables mobile workstyles—empowering people to work and collaborate from anywhere, securely accessing apps and data on any of the latest devices, as easily as they would in their own office." Without Citrix, none of my aspirations towards running at Disney would be possible.  Do you have any idea what it costs to take a family of six for four nights and five days at a Disney Resort along with only a single day at one of the parks?  Add to that the cost of the Marathon itself registered for both Alexis and I (no, they don't throw in a free entry into the park), and one finds themselves leveraging the equity in their home; unless of course they are blessed to work at a technology company like my own.  While the financial income aspects of my employment are key, this is not the only advantage of working for Citrix.  Citrix takes work/life balance seriously and encourages a "fit" life style with programs and incentives for its employees; not to mention the flexibility of working from home that enables me to get out and jog when the weather it not cooperating.  I could go on for days of the benefits of working for Citrix, but suffice it to say that I thank the Lord daily for this blessing and I'm indebted to this company for a long and enjoyable career. If any of this interest you, I would encourage you to take a look at the opportunities we have available at our career site (make sure to tell them that "Jason Furtak" sent you... no seriously, on the web application there's a box).

Now to the summary:

Of course, the big news from this week was the completion of the half marathon distance on Saturday. [Full report at: http://www.tminus110.com/2013/07/just-training-run-half-marathon-booh.html ]  Our previous long distance was 8 miles and so this betters that distance and proves that we can now complete a half marathon.  The rest of the week was fairly standard with a 3.5 mile hill run on Wednesday and greenway running the other days.  Alexis and I continue our muscle fitness on Mondays and Fridays and a cross training bike workout for one hour on Sunday.

Bring on week 5!

~Jason Furtak~


  1. Great job on your training. My training was cut short this week ( I mean cut OUT) because of my knee injury from my bike accident last week.

    I agree, Disney in General is expensive, but through in the registration for the Marathon and wow! Do you have your rooms booked already?

  2. Thanks for the complement! Bummer about the knee. Yes, we booked the rooms back during registration. We don't, however, have the Princess Half booked yet. ~J