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Saturday, July 20, 2013

[Week 3: Journey to WDW Marathon] Heat/humidity is kickin'...

Week 3 of my journey to the Walt Disney World Marathon is now complete.  Alexis and I are on track and moving along at a good pace.

Well, the theme for most running WWW blogs over the past few weeks has been heat, and the same would be for this blog.  The irony of my complaint with heat is that it really isn't all that hot for this time of the year in Georgia.  We have yet to hit a day over 90 degrees; mainly because of overcast and raining weather.  The rain has cooled things down and made the running somewhat bearable. I say somewhat bearable because with the rain, I can tell that the humidity is kicked up a notch.

Since this was a resting week, I didn't break any records but I felt good about the training.  We did a 5K distance Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday and did 4 miles on Saturday, even though the training called for only 3.

Next week is another long run week and we're going to try more hill running on Wednesday.


~Jason Furtak~

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