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Monday, July 15, 2013

[Week 2: Journey to WDW Marathon] Long run record and faster per minute miles...

I know it sounds cliche but I can hardly believe that we're already done with week 2 of the Jeff Galloway WDW Marathon training. The training is essentially setup in two week segments.  The first week are "easier" shorter runs.  Saturday in the first week is also a short run.  The second week of the set includes the "long run" on Saturday.  Since the girls and I have been running for several months, we've advanced the long run day a little father than what's on the calendar by planning 7 miles instead of 4 this week.  By our vacation weekend in August, we'll be matched up with the Galloway plan for the long run.

This week marked a week of records for the girls and I.  To begin with, we ran our farthest distance for our "long run weekend" for a total of 8.1 miles.  For the most part, I did this run non-stop with the exception of the two stops I did for a traffic light in the middle of this route.  I felt real strong but also noticed that I kept my HR at a 145 to 150 level.  For me, between 154 and 160 is pushing it and typically gets me tired out sooner.  With the runner's high, I felt I could have done a half marathon and the eight miles was farther than I had planned (7 miles) before I stopped myself.  This run is just under 12 minute miles which is a bit slower than I want to be but I'm giving myself some credit for the stops at the traffic light.

My other record came during the middle of the week with this 5K record.  While it was great to hit a record total time with the 5K, I was more impressed with my minute per mile time.  It felt good to be at a 10.5 minute mile.  My initial goal is to have a comfortable 10 minute mile for the length of the 5K, and this run was quite comfortable at 10.5.  I could have done much better if I pushed myself, so I'm fairly proud of this achievement.

Muscle Fitness

I should probably note, that I've also kicked in my muscle fitness to support this marathon goal.  I'm doing a fairly standard upper body routine including curls, bench presses, tricep extensions and the like. Most of these are being performed on a machine.  This week I was impressed with my exponential improvement in weights.  Now that my upper body is settling in, I need to find some good "core" strength training.  It seems the WWW is all the buzz these days over planks, so I'll probably start here.  If you have some suggestions, please let me know.

Bring on week 3.

~Jason Furtak~


  1. Great job!! Isn't it amazing to get those long runs accomplished!? It always makes me so proud!

    Thanks for participating in our Blog Hop! I am happy to have found your blog and will stop back to check on your progress and cheer you on!!

  2. Kristine,

    Yeah, I still can remember a few months back when I tested a 1 mile run and remember how awful my body felt. I'm continually amazed at my progress and look forward to lengthening the miles. Thanks for your support. Glad to be on the "blog hop". ~J