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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

[Week 1: Journey to Marathon] Training with the Mouse and Jeff Galloway...

Well, this week starts our training for the Disney Marathon.  My weight-loss journey has taken me for quite a ride so far.  Several months ago, I would have been more than happy to be able to run a quarter mile much less even consider in my wildest dreams a Marathon, and here I am posting my first Marathon training update.  The Lord has been faithful, and both my weight-loss and fitness goals have far exceeded my expectations.  It is based on this progress that I move forward in confidence with this training.

Alexis and I decided to take on the full Disney experience for our first Marathon, which included participating in the official runDisney training plan written by marathon legend, Jeff Galloway. I particularly liked Jeff's program for two reasons: First, it was designed for beginners like Alexis and I.  Second, the training ramps up slowly which I believe is necessary for my inexperience and my continued weight-loss, strength and fitness build up.  I might be 75 lbs. down, but I'm still rather heavy on my joints when running. The training program does "long runs" every other week, giving us two weeks to recover before the next long run, and runs 28 weeks (29 if you count the post marathon recovery week) as opposed to 12 or 18 with more aggressive programs.  Another thing about this program is that it only runs three times a week on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.  I haven't decided but we may also throw in Wednesday since we've been doing that for the past couple of months and it seems to be working well.  While the runDisney Marathon Training Program only covers the "Magic Mile" as a different type of run, I think we'll also incorporate Tempo and Speeds runs into the "off" weeks. 

Technically, we were supposed to start this training program on Tuesday but Alexis, Gabrielle and myself have a 10K here in Cumming, Georgia, on tomorrow, July 4th.   We decided to do a long run on Saturday (6.2 miles), a maintenance run of two miles on Monday and rest on Tuesday and Wednesday before the run.  Since the first week of the Jeff Galloway's program is rather simple (30 minute runs and a 3 mile on Saturday) and we have been already training for the 10K, we didn't think doing something different in the first week would be a big deal.

Every now and then, I'll let you know how it's going and provide an update.


~Jason Furtak~

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