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Monday, June 24, 2013

Snakes, frogs and flies... Oh, my....

Man, do I enjoy going out for a nice summer run during the cool of the evening.  There were days this past winter when I was certain that my running in conditions like snow was insanity brought on from frost bitten brain-matter, and I was more than welcoming of the summer months. My daughters and I run a local greenway.  The greeways here in Georgia are simply beautiful, and I'm starting to enjoy the novelty of checking them out in various locations (outside of Georgia we also did a greenway in Greensboro, NC). Try Googling your own area, you may be surprised to find these gems in your own town.
When Spring came upon us, I also began to enjoy the various wildlife that has come out of the woods and say hello on every occasion. There's rabbits that continually try to prove that they're faster than the turtles, owls that are annoyed by noises during their bedtime and frogs that are skilled at camo even with man made structures (this one above on a bridge support made of recycled plastic boards).

While these creatures have been delightful, here lately, it seems that there are some that are coming out to play that I would rather stay in their hides.  This past Saturday, this snake slithered onto our path and was determined to prove to me that he was faster than I.  I was more than welcome to allow him the honor.  I'm guessing the rabbits don't mind loosing to the turtles every now and again when these slimy sinisters come out. Frogs and turtles and even snakes I can avoid but there's one menace that seems to be well attracted to the scent of a sweat soaked tech-shirt, and that's the blood-sucking horse-fly.  My wife tells me I'm sweet, but I kid you not, I've been bitten several times this week by this over-sized entomological favorite.  On last Wednesday, my daughter Alexis swatted at two of them on my back at the same time.

My question for the running community at large is, what dangers do you run into on your daily grind?  Are there seasons where this gets more intense?  Am I the only one that encounters snakes and horse-flys?


~Jason Furtak, Fly Hunter


  1. Biting flies are the worst! Yellowflies (deerflies) have taken over my favorite trail run right now. A swarm of them attacked me halfway down the trail and it was horrifying. On a positive note, I got to run with a cute family of wild turkeys this week. They were trying to run away from me but they stayed on the trail for a while so it felt like we were a little running group.

  2. Turkeys are definitely a new one. I know that we have them in this area in abundance but I haven't seen any on the greenway. The horse-flies are a daily occurrence now. April, thanks for your comments. ~Jason Furtak~