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Monday, June 17, 2013

My Journey

It seemed fitting as my first blog that I would give the nature of the title, "T-minus 110". 

It may help to provide a little background first.  All of my life it seems I have struggled with weight.  Even as an athlete in grade school, I struggled with weight and often fought against my genes and natural propensities for size, and the added influence of growing up in a family with long, and often unhealthy, cooking traditions.  These struggles followed me into high school and off to the military where while in the Navy, I continually struggled to stay within weight standards.  Ironically, and much to my amusement today, I weighed 185 lbs. and when measured against the BMI scale, I was over weight. Fast forward a number of years, a career in technology and the cooking of a wife enabled with a culinary education, I suddenly found myself pushing 300.

In the past 12 plus years, I have been on a roller coaster of weight-loss.  I received the equivalent of a Doctorate education in nutrition through the practical application of every diet on the planet.  Some of those diets included Body for Life, South Beach, Adkins, The Maker's Diet, Low Carb, Low Fat and Low everything else.  I've seen them all and I can attest to them all working to one extent or the other, but I have been on a perpetual cycle of loss/gain for quite sometime.

In December 2012, my wife was diagnosed with cancer. During one of our earlier trips to the hospital, I found that I could not make it to the emergency room without stopping for a breath. And when I say stopping for a breath, I mean that it felt as if I had run around the block 15 times.  I felt faint, and honestly, I was afraid with the fact that I could not properly care for my wife.  My weight was at an all time high of 314 lbs., and I was experiencing many physical warning signs typical of being morbidly obese including high blood pressure, regular headaches, sleep apnea, chest pains and regular shortness of breath.  Simply walking out to the car from a grocery store was laborious and I would often sleep on the couch so that I would not have to climb the 25 or so stairs to my bedroom.  I had to get my weight under control, and better yet, I had to loose my weight to the point of being healthy again.

On the day that I decided to take control of my weight and start a new journey unlike those in the past, I stepped on the scale at 305 lbs.  I figured that my ideal weight is 195 lbs. so that equaled a weight-loss of 110 pounds from my present position, thus creating a count down of T-minus 110.  "I thought you said, 314 lbs. was your high weight". That scale was broken and inconsistent and when I bought a new scale, I was actually 10 lbs. heavier. No sense changing the websites I had already created.

One evening in November, I made these intentions public by launching several pages in the social media space:

and now...

~Jason Furtak~

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